April Market Outlook

Crypto continues crossing the adoption chasm.

The ongoing Wall Street-Crypto convergence received a big boost with news in March that investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley would be ramping up crypto product offerings, and Fidelity and other established firms filing bitcoin ETF applications.

We also saw the crypto and art world collide with a record setting $69 million non-fungible token digital art sale. The mainstream validation of use cases for crypto beyond its role as “digital gold” are incredibly valuable for educating the broader world on the wide range of ways that crypto is impacting the world.


March 2021 Newsletter

In crypto, one month can feel like an entire quarter — a lot happens. Which makes it that much more difficult to keep up with everything. That’s why we’re launching Chain of Events, a monthly newsletter blog and email. Stay up to date on all things crypto from your favorite crypto blog and directly in your inbox.

What can you expect? Each newsletter will cover:

  • ICYMI: a recap of product launches or company announcements
  • The Bottom Line: figures around cryptocurrencies and important stats from the market
  • Feature of the Month: an in depth look at a Blockchain.com product feature
  • The…

What you need to know to file your crypto taxes with confidence

The US tax season is once again upon us and with all eyes on bitcoin, it’s more important than ever to file your taxes correctly. If you bought, sold, traded or used crypto in 2020, you may owe taxes on your gains.

This guide highlights what you should know before diving into your crypto taxes with links to other helpful resources and forms. It is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as tax advice and we recommend that you consult with an independent tax advisor when making your tax filings.

Download your transaction history

First thing’s first: transaction history. Blockchain.com makes…

March Market Outlook

The Blockchain.com general crypto investment thesis, first published in slide format almost two years ago, highlighted three important elements of crypto adoption:

  • Trust: are cryptoassets and protocols like bitcoin (and crypto service providers that support them) trusted enough for a majority of people to use and own?
  • Want: do people have a favorable attitude towards holding and using cryptoassets?
  • Need: is there sufficient motivation to change behaviors to hold and use cryptoassets?

Prior surveys had identified that crypto was owned by as little as 5% or less of the population in a nation like the United States. …

Last week we welcomed Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House Communications Director, on The Blockchain.com Podcast. While discussing his odyssey to Bitcoin, he revealed that he had been watching Bitcoin for some time, waiting for a few signs before getting into the game himself.

He learned about Bitcoin back in 2014 and vowed to get in once these three conditions were met:

  1. 100 million users worldwide. To Scaramucci, this level indicates that Bitcoin’s community grew to the point where it becomes feasible that it will one day be a broadly accepted form of tender. Where are…

Like you, we don’t know Satoshi Nakamoto. But we’re hoping to get this love letter to Bitcoin — if you know where to forward, we’d be much obliged. 😬

Dear Bitcoin,

Happy Valentine’s Day! After 11 amazing years together, we wanted to share seven reasons why we love you Bitcoin.

You’re caring.

Bitcoin could drive economic growth by accelerating commerce on the internet and universal access to the tools of wealth creation.

I love your friends.

Bitcoin (and blockchain technology) is built by people who want a better financial future for everyone.

You give me space.

Bitcoin is entirely digital, no need to carry around cash. …

February Market Outlook

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” -Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

We believe future historians will look back on the eye-opening events surrounding the trading of GameStop (GME) stock as extremely significant to the future evolution of financial market infrastructure.

We titled this month’s market outlook “When the Game Stops” because of our heightened conviction that more people are waking up to the massive problems with our existing financial system and are demanding change.

The problems exposed in our opaque and inefficient market infrastructure are not new. What just changed was the broadening visibility of…

Each month we update the interest rates customers earn in our Interest Accounts. This month, we’re pleased to increase our rates on BCH and XLM to 8% (up from 4.4%).

Here are February’s rates:

We’re delighted to announce support for Arizona in the Blockchain.com Wallet! Starting today, users in the Grand Canyon State can now buy and sell crypto directly in their Wallet and earn up to 12% interest on their crypto holdings.

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This is an except from our January Market Outlook.

Each month we dive into on-chain data to explore interesting trends or movements on the Bitcoin network. (Table 2)

Table 2: Bitcoin network activity — December vs November


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