January Market Outlook

Where will crypto go this year?

2021 witnessed a fourth major bull cycle for bitcoin and crypto. Historically, in the years that followed the prior big bull runs we’ve seen a struggle to hold gains (to put it politely).

And with one of the general lessons of economic history being…

Not your ████, not your crypto

What is a private key?

Think of a private key as a password to your crypto wallet.

In the same way that giving someone your email password grants them access to all your emails, giving someone your wallet’s private key grants them access to all your crypto.

Technically, a private key is a secret string…

December Market Outlook

It is not going away.

Last week Fed Chairman Jerome Powell requested that the central bank’s preferred descriptor for the worst price inflation in 40 years (“transitory”) be “retired” from use.

Powell basically admitted that:

a) he was wrong (not always an easy thing to do when you’re the world’s…


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